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Service hours are required of every family with swimmers on the Swim Team. Becoming an official is a great way to fulfill your service hours and contribute to the success of our swim meets.

Officials keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Anyone can learn how to be an official, and positions include Stroke and Turn officials, Starters, and Meet Referees. You can become an official by reading the USA Swimming Rules book, attending clinics and through on-the-job training. You can choose to officiate at all swim meets, or only those that your swimmer attends, and you can take up a post for a whole meet, one session or even part of a session.

As an official, you get the best seat in the house to watch your swimmer compete. You’re not only ensuring a safe and fair event, you’re also participating with your child. Join us!

available official roles

Stroke and Turn Officials

A stroke official walks along the side of the pool, observing swimmers. This official ensures compliance with the rules pertaining to the mechanics of swimming, such as arm stroke and kick.

A turn official observes the swimmers from either the start/finish end, or from the turn end of the pool. This official is responsible for observing the starts, finishes and turns during each race.


A starter ensures that all swimmers receive a fair and equitable start. This official works closely with the deck referee and steps the swimmers onto the starting blocks or into the water. They direct swimmers to ‘take their marks,’ and in conjunction with the deck referee, the starter helps determine when a false start has occurred. The starter is also responsible for the working order of the start equipment, and they may instruct the timers in their duties.

Meet Referee

A meet referee has the overall authority and responsibility for seeing that the competition complies with all the USA Swimming rules and regulations. This official resolves all questions related to the conduct of the swim meet, and they review any disqualifications.

Become an official

Contact Rey Aguilar for more information.

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