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Water Aerobics

There are many benefits to training in water, and our water aerobics and exercise classes are geared to adults of all ages. Join us for a fun workout that’s easy on the joints and heavy on smiles! These classes are free to join with your facility membership and do not require pre-registration.

minimum of 18 years old

Water Aerobics

Class length: 60 minutes

Frequency: offered each weekday

optional equipment:
  • noodles
  • aquatic weights
  • water shoes
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • water
  • float belt

*Small weights and noodles are also available for use.

Water Aerobics Schedule

Monday - Friday, 10:00am-11:00am

Weekday Workouts

Monday Stretch

Shallow water stretch
Great for new members
Introduces new exercises
Active cardio for those who want to move faster


Tuesday Tough Day

Combination of shallow water movement with deep water in the second half of class
Noodle workouts with loads of leg kicks


Wednesday Weight Day

Water weights or noodles
Resistance training



Double noodle workout
Resistance cardio combination in deep pool
A true cardio workout, mostly in deep water


Friday Fun Day

Use of kickboards and toys
Social activities, memory movement

Water Aerobics

important dates 2022

May 2

Practice Starts


See practice times

May 15

Texas Swim Shops @ Dad’s Club


4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

May 30

No Swim Practice


Memorial Day Holiday

June 6

Practice Time Changes


See practice times

2022 Spring Valley Dolphins Meet Calendar

May 20

Time Trials


7:00 am

June 14

Relay Invitational @ BGP


3:30 pm

June 23 & 24

Championship Meet (must be able to attend both days) @ BV


8:00 am