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Dad’s club annual swim marathon fall fundraiser

The Dad’s Club annual Swim Marathon is a fall fundraiser in which almost a thousand Dad's Club members and swimmers, of all ages and skill levels, complete an endurance swim. Each marathon is organized around a theme, and donations raised by participating swimmers help maintain, restore and refurbish our facility.

Your support of our swimmers helps us continue to serve the community and uphold our reputation for swimming excellence. Watch this space for more information about this year’s marathon!

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Swim Team Swimmers

Each swimmer on our Swim Team is obligated to raise at least the training team minimum:

White/Blue: $150

Bronze/Silver/Gold/Senior/National Prep/National: $200

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Swim Start Swimmers

Every Swim Start Swimmer who donates $75 or more will receive a Dad’s Club Swim Marathon T-shirt.

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Adult Swimmers

Any Adult Swimmer donating $75 or more will receive a Dad's Club Swim Marathon T-shirt. In lieu of active fundraising, Swim Team and Adult swimmers may also elect to bill funds to their account. Please make us aware if you wish to apply a fundraising amount to your account in support of your fundraising goals.

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Yard Sign: 

Show your support of Dad’s Club by purchasing a yard sign!

Please note that yard sign purchases will not count towards a Swim Team swimmer's fundraising obligation.

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SHOUT-OUTs 2022:

Give a shout-out during the Marathon! Your swimmer(s) can be recognized by the announcer with words of encouragement while they swim! Or you can give special thanks to a coach or other Dad’s Club staff member! You can purchase multiple shout-outs per form. Shout-outs are $10 each.

Please note that Shout-Out purchases will not count towards a Swimmer's fundraising obligation.

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