Timer Sign-Up

Dad's Club Swim Team is required to provide a certain number of timers for every meet. Lane assignments are typically posted by Gulf Swimming on the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to a meet.

To comply with this requirement, the following procedure is to be adhered to by the parents of participating swimmers.

  1. As soon as the lane assignments are published, an online sign-up sheet will be prepared by the webmaster and published via a link at the top of the Meets & Results page. Time is of the essence, so if no sign-up sheet is posted yet and you see the respective warm-up document at the Gulf Swimming site, please alert the meet manager.

  2. Once the online sign-up sheet is prepared, an email is sent to all parents reminding them of their duty and pointing to the online sign-up sheet.

  3. Parents are expected to sign-up for timing every other meet for every child (see Agreement).

  4. If time-slots remain vacant one day ahead of the start of the meet, then the timing duties may have to be assigned by Dad's Club.

  5. Parents not able to fulfill the assigned duties have the responsibility to find replacement(s), e.g. if a slot needs to be vacated with less than 2 days notice.