Membership and Fees

  1. I understand that membership and/or swim team payment is my responsibility.

  2. Convenience and/or Processing fees are the actual cost of transactions charged to Dad’s Club Swim Team (DCST) by merchant banks through our club-management systems.

  3. DCST will accept automatic monthly payments that are set up on an auto-draft through the club management system, in which case I authorize my bank and/or credit card company to honor the pre-authorized electronic funds transfer for membership payments and/or contributions.

  4. I am obligated to a $60 return check fee for declined drafts, credit cards, or checks.

  5. Despite annual re-registration I understand that my membership at Dad's Club is continuous until 60 days after electronic 60 day notification has been received by the Dad's Club Swim Team via the website at

  6. Annual Swim Team membership payments are not refundable under any circumstances. The following training groups require a one year commitment (annual or 12 months payment).

  7. I understand that my child(ren) may not be allowed to participate in Swim Team activities if my account is past due for any fees.

  8. I understand that my child(ren) have a student membership to the club as part of his/her swim team monthly fee and that other family members may use the facility only if I upgrade to a family membership--available online for a nominal additional fee.

  9. I understand that the Board of Directors may at its discretion auto-debit members for Board-approved facility and/or energy surcharges.

Inclement Weather Notifications

The home page of our website: is the location to check for any weather related changes. When a weather alert is in effect for Dads Club, a highlighter yellow box will appear at the top of the page. Click the box for specifics.

No yellow box=no closures or cancellations are in effect

Swim Team

  1. My child(ren) and I will abide by the Code of Conduct and Bullying Policy.

  2. As the parent/legal guardian of the swimmer I give permission to have pictures and information regarding my swimmer to be displayed on the Dad's Club Swim Team website, Dads Club's social media platforms, and local print media.

  3. As the parent/legal guardian of this minor child, I hereby authorize the Dad's Club Swim Team staff or team representative to seek medical or surgical treatment for the child, as is deemed necessary in order to assure the safety of the child.

  4. I understand that swim team schedules and notices are posted online and this is the primary method of various notifications including upcoming meets, meet entries, meet times, and meet fees.

Swim Meets

  1. I understand that it is my obligation to pay meet entry fees as per the corresponding Meet Announcement(s). Typically, these range from $5.00-15.00 per individual event and a meet fee and a travel surcharge--depending on the meet. Relay meet entries will be billed according to the entries made by the coaches.

  2. I understand that the policy of the team is to enter every swimmer into every swim meet unless proper notification of non-attendance is received. I understand that I am solely responsible for notifying coaching staff before the published cut-off date in the event my child will not attend a meet that is on the online schedule and/or listed in my swimmer portal, otherwise I will be responsible for the meet charges that DCST will incur.

  3. Parents notify the coaches of a non-attendance by logging into the swimmer portal and opting out of the meet.These fees are not subject to refund. I agree that my account will be billed for meet fees and associated Processing fees and automatic payment of those charges will be billed to my checking or credit-card account on file.

  4. Coaches' travel expenses for meets in the Houston Metro Area will incur a travel surcharge of $5.. Charges for coaches travel outside the Houston Metro area will be split between the meet participants and billed to the swimmers accounts.

Mandatory Service Hours

I understand that my participation as a parent volunteer is mandatory. I will abide by the volunteer/service-hour policy established by the Board of Directors. Currently, the policy requires Swim Team families to volunteer at least 10 hours (points) per swimmer per year or pay a fee of $500 Any penalties for failure to meet the volunteer/service-hour policy will be auto debited to my credit card or bank account on file at the end of the year or prorated if I leave sooner.


  1. Each swimmer is obligated to raise at least the training team minimum at the Fall fundraiser--the Swim Marathon.
    Training team minimum:

  • White/Blue $150

  • Bronze/Silver/Gold/Senior/Pre National/National $200

  1. For failure to raise the above minimums, I agree that my account will be billed an amount equal to the balance to the training team minimum, plus Processing fees.


  1. White/Blue/Bronze/Silver/Senior/National Prep/National: I fully understand the obligation to give a 60-day electronic notice, as noted in Membership above. The stop date for auto debits will be the first of the month following the end of the 60-day notice. No prorated or partial monthly fees are issued. Gold, National Prep and National training groups require a 1-year commitment. We understand that paying an annual fee could be difficult. We are providing monthly payment options. This swimmer's commitment must be for 1 year (from August 1 to August 1). No refunds will be allotted for this group.

  2. I understand that there is absolutely no refund on my registration fees, including USA Swim Team registration, regardless of the circumstances.

Release of Liability

On behalf of myself and/or my family, do hereby release and hold harmless the Dad's Club Swim Team and it's employees, agents, officers and directors of any liability resulting from use of any of the facility or grounds by myself or member of my family.

I acknowledge that use of any equipment, pools, or related physical activity---regardless of the presence of staff, including safety staff, coaches, or teachers—is at my own risk.

I am solely responsible for the safety of myself, my family, my vehicle, my property while at the Dad's Club SwimTeam facilities.


I understand that open Board meetings are held monthly, as noted on the website. Currently, these are held on the third Monday evening of each month at 6:30pm.