New Parent Orientation


  • Our website is our primary method of communication.

  • On our home page you can find team news and any new important information.

  • Any cancellation due to weather will be posted on our home page as soon as the determination is made. We will always do our best to hold practices when possible, but the unpredictable nature of the weather may occasionally result in last-minute cancelations. (Text alerts may also be sent out in the event a practice is cancelled beforehand. Please be sure that your primary cell phone listed on your Active account is able to receive texts.) The website will always be our primary method of communicating weather related changes.

  • All other information concerning the swim team can be found under the swim team tab.

Swim Meets

The meet schedule is located on our website dadsclubaquatics.com under the meets/results tab. The letters to the right of the meet name indicate which training groups will be attending that particular meet (w-white, b- blue, B - bronze, S-silver, G-gold, SR-Senior, NP-National Prep, N-National). The Q means – swimmers must have the qualifying times to attend. Qualifying times usually apply to championship meets and can be found in the meet info/announcement by clicking the title of the meet (i.e. “Gulf Open Meet”).

Entry Procedure

  • You will receive each meet invitation through Active. Once you receive the invitation you will need to opt-in via your Active parent portal.

  • You will receive an email 2-3 weeks before each meet. Once you receive this email you will be able to go into your parent portal and opt-out if your swimmer isn’t able to attend. The email reminder will go out 3-5 days before the opt-out deadline. (If your swimmer is planning on attending there is no need to confirm his/her attendance) You can see the list of opt-out dates for the entire season on our meets and results page. Once a swimmer has been entered in a meet, the entries fees will be charged to your account and are non-refundable.

  • The coaches will enter each swimmer in their particular events. You can see your swimmers events on your parent portal after the coaches complete the entries. This is typically 2-3 days after the opt-out deadline.

Leading up to each meet

  • Timing- We will always need volunteers to help time during each meet. Please sign up for timing under the meet/results page. (Timing at swim meets go towards your service hours)

  • Timeline- You can find a timeline of the meet the Wednesday before the first session by clicking on the T located to the right.

  • Meet entries- You can view the meet entries on your parent portal.

During the meet

  • Warm-up times are usually at 7:30 or 8:10am. Swimmers are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the designated warm-up. All swimmers are expected to warm-up with the team.

  • There is no circle-in during the Short Course season (October-March). Only swimmers participating in events 400 or longer must check in at the beginning of the meet.

  • The competition portion of the meet starts at 9am. Meets usually last between 3-4 hours.

  • Relays- During meets where relays are offered the coaches will announce the final relay line ups immediately after warm-up. Swimmers arriving late for warm-up will be taken out of relays. Although we try our best to pre-enter swimmers in relays, we often have to make changes at the meet. Swimmers should not assume they are not in a relay. Always ask a coach before leaving a meet.

  • Uniforms- swimmers must wear a Dad's Club shirt, cap and swim suit during meets.

    • Blue shirt on Saturdays

    • White shirt on Sundays

Some open meets are split into morning and afternoon sessions.

Which session is my swimmer participating in?

  • AM Session: 11 & Over girls and 13 & Over boys

  • PM Session: 10 & Under girls and 12 & Under boys

How will I know when to bring my swimmer to the meet?

    • The estimated timeline for each meet will be posted on our meet and results page a few days before the start of the meet. Morning sessions usually start warm-ups between 7-8am, afternoon sessions usually start warm-ups between 12-1:30pm.

    • Warm-up times will also be posted on our meets and results page.

How will I know what my swimmer is swimming?

    • You will be able to see your swimmers entries on your parent portal. This is typically 2-3 days after the opt-out deadline.


  • Required equipment during meets – Team suit, Team cap, and Team shirts.

Swim Caps

  • Silicone Caps can be purchased on our onsite shop (dolphin-shop). The Dolphin-Shop is located near the front circle drive (light blue building)

  • Personalized swim caps are available for order for the following groups only: Gold, Senior, Nat prep and National. An email will be sent out at the beginning of each season with the order information.

  • Swimmer's with long hair are required to wear a cap during practice. Swimmers are also required to wear a team cap with the exception of Fridays. On Fridays (Fun Cap Fridays) swimmers may wear their choice of cap.


  • Additional shirts and apparel can be purchased on our onsite shop (dolphin-shop). The Dolphin-Shop is located near the front circle drive (light blue building)

Parkas, Team Suits, and Training Equipment

  • You may order parkas, team suits and training equipment via TYR Dad's Club Page.

  • You must enter this code: DadsClub2021 in order to access the team store.

Fund Raising Marathon Page

Our annual Swim Marathon will be held on the last Saturday in October. All swimmers are required to participate. Swimmers will need to supply a counter to keep track of their laps.

Information regarding the swim marathon will be sent out via email.

60 Day Notice

Please remember to fill out the 60 day notice if your swimmer is planning on stopping or taking a break. You can find the 60 day notice on our website under the swim team tab.

SafeSport - A guide to USA Swimming's athlete abuse prevention program for families

Speaking with Coaches

  • Coaches are unable to speak with parents during workout times.

  • If you wish to speak with a coach please schedule a time to meet with them via email.

  • Please keep in mind that parents are not allowed on deck during practice times. Parents are welcome to watch practice in the designated sitting areas. The designated parent seating areas are the bleachers by the 50 meter pool and behind the short rod iron fence by the Family pool.

White 4pm

Jonathan Edwards coachjonathan@dadsclubaquatics.com

Dustin Myers coachdustin@dadsclubaquatics.com

Rushed Smith coachrushed@dadsclubaquatics.com

White 6:30 pm

Jonathan Edwards coachjonathan@dadsclubaquatics.com

Blue 4pm

Jonathan Edwards coachjonathan@dadsclubaquatics.com

Dustin Myers coachdustin@dadsclubaquatics.com

Rushed Smith coachrushed@dadsclubaquatics.com

Leonel Dubon coachleonel@dadsclubaquatics.com

Blue 6:30pm

Jonathan Edwards coachjonathan@dadsclubaquatics.com


Jonathan Edwards jonathan.edwards@dadsclubaquatics.com


Rushed Smith coachrushed@dadsclubaquatics.com

Stephen Hall coachsteohen@dadsclubaquatics.com

Leonel Dubon coachleonel@dadsclubaquatics.com


Dustin Myers coachdustin@dadsclubaquatics.com


Mike Yearwood Coachmike@dadsclubaquatics.com

National Prep

John McClure coachjohn@dadsclubaquatics.com

National Group

Rey Aguilar coachrey@dadsclubaquatics.com