Water Aerobics

Fun and Fitness.

Water exercise classes are great for every body. The benefits of training in water are well documented! Come join us for a fun workout that is easy on the joints and heavy on smiles.



  • Morning: Monday- Friday 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Monday Stretch

Shallow Water Stretch

Great for new members

Introducing new exercises.

Active cardio for those who are wanting to move faster.

Tuesday Tough Day

Combination of Shallow water movement with deep water second half of class.

Noodle workouts with loads of leg kicks.

Wednesday Weight Day

Water Weights or noodles

Resistance training


Double Noodle Workout

Resistance cardio combination in deep pool

A true cardio workout mostly in deep water

Friday Fun Day

Use of kick boards, + toys

Social activities, memory movement

Movement sometimes with music

*Bring your own weights or noodles, we provide smaller ones

Water shoes, hats, sunglasses and water bottles recommended. We keep our social distancing, mask shields if you want.