Julian Bott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Julian Bott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship/Grant Assistance Program

The Julian Bott Memorial Scholarship Fund is a Grant/ Financial Assistance Program available to children 2 to 18 years of age enrolled in Dad’s Club Aquatic Center’s Swim Start program and who are in good standing with the club.

Julian Bott was a lifelong swimmer and member of the Dad’s Club. Julian’s parents lived near the shore in Great Britain so they knew the importance and vital need of enrolling him in swimming lessons early on. Through those lessons and through spending leisure time in the water, he learned to love swimming.

His passion for swimming brought him to Harvard University as a student athlete and team captain. Julian was active in and enjoyed teaching the annual learn to swim lessons that were taught by the Harvard swimmers for the community.

At the time a British record holder, Julian qualified for the 1980 Olympics to represent Great Britain in backstroke. The 1980 boycott dashed his hopes of attending the games. However, swimming was a sport that he continued through his adulthood.

The family of Julian Bott wants to ignite the love of swimming in others and to continue his legacy through a scholarship fund for swimming lessons for those who might otherwise not be able to afford it. The intent of this program is to provide financial aid to those swimmers who consistently demonstrate a sincere commitment to maximizing their swimming potential.

For more information or to apply please contact Eva Mueller at eva.mueller@dadsclubaquatics.com